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PauseNow offers a variety of meditations that can be selected from the comfort of your pod.

All music and sound by Myles Avery. 

Guided Meditations 

Calm Body Meditation

This is a guided meditation to calm the body and mind. It s about noticing your breath, noticing sensations on your body, noticing being here and now.

Guided Sample #1 - Myles Avery
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This guided meditation helps you focus on bringing your breath to your core where our inner happiness resides. You may use a repeating sound, called a mantra, to bring your attention to the present moment.

Guided Sample #2 - Myles Avery
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Nature Soundscapes

Relaxing Thunderstorm

Rain, thunderstorm, bird sounds create a calming effect for the mind and body.

Best enjoyed at a lower volume.

Nature Sample #1 - Myles Avery
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Soothing Rainforest

Native American flute music and rainforest sound with background birds chirping and gentle stream offers a tranquil sound to relieve stress and quiets your mind chatter.

Nature Sample #2 - Myles Avery
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Solemn Music

The Adi Mantra by Snatam Kaur

The mantra "Ong (pronounced OM) Namo, Guru Dev Namo" means I bow to the subtle divine wisdom. I bow to the divine teacher within.



Solemn Sample #1 - Myles Avery
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Diamonds in the Sun by Girish

The mantra, "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu" means May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

Solemn Sample #2 - Myles Avery
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Tibetan Bowls

These bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies and promote healing of out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul

Soundbath Sample #1 - Myles Avery
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Koshi Bells Water Element

The beautiful tonal scale of these chimes gives a thrilling, immersive, unconditional experience of pure gratitude. Dive into this ocean of delicate sounds and find the waves that will let you flow deep into oneness...

Soundbath Sample #2 - Myles Avery
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Binaural Beats Music

Raise Positive Energy

432 Hertz is said to be the natural frequency of the universe, and therefore it generates healthy effects among the listeners. It brings natural harmony and balance of the 3rd dimension and connects you with a higher consciousness. The pure and clean frequency of 432Hz removes mental block and raises positive energy.


Binaural Sample #1 - Myles Avery
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Open Heart Chakra

528 Hertz is a frequency that is also called the “LOVE frequency” as it resonates at the heart of everything. It helps activate, open, balance and heal your heart chakra.


Binaural Sample #2 - Myles Avery
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Simply Silence

Pure Silence 

Dive deep into the innermost silence -- ever-present, eternal and unchanging-- which is also called Pure Consciousness.

Binaural Beats
Guided Meditations
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