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In October 2016, Jackie left her 30 year career in banking to share the benefits of meditation with more people.

Although Jackie was a successful banker, she worked long hours against ambitious goals and struggled to find life balance. The stresses of her job brought regular migraines and for years she tried everything from medication to massage, but nothing solved her severe headaches until she discovered meditation.

After one particularly stressful day, Jackie put down the phone and
walked the hallways of her San Francisco office building in search of a place to calm her mind. She found a quiet nook next to a fire exit, a small oasis away from everyone. From that day on, whenever work stress peaked, she would escape to that spot for 15 minutes. Eventually, Jackie added a yoga mat, a cushion, a singing bowl and a little plant. 

One afternoon, as Jackie walked to her meditation space, she looked down from a window at Financial District employees buying lunch from food trucks parked on the street—and a light went on. What if there were a “meditation truck” down there? 

The PauseNow idea was born.

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