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Jackie Corwin, Owner & Founder of PauseNow

Jackie was born in the Philippines and came to the U.S. at the age of 14. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she entered the world of finance and spent years working her way to the top of Wells Fargo’s mortgage banking department in San Francisco. The job brought a lot of rewards. It also brought stress and intense daily migraines, which she addressed with treatments from medication to massage.

Nothing worked—until she discovered meditation, which proved so effective that she found a nook in a hallway of her high-rise office building where she created a small oasis to pause during the day.
One afternoon, she looked down at the Financial District employees eating lunch at the food trucks parked below and a light went on. Why not a meditation truck?


After a lot of thought—and second thoughts—Jackie resigned from her job to create PauseNow: a full-size bus that holds seven serene spaces where visitors can meditate in private. Each space has noise-canceling headphones and an iPad with quiet meditation soundtracks.

PauseNow is available to companies, hospitals, schools, staff appreciation and team-building events, conventions, farmer's markets and community festivals that wish to offer meditation as a

“wellness perk."

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